Matthijs Jeuring


Matthijs Jeuring is an artist currently based in Enschede, the Netherlands. As a Fine-Art graduate he studies painting and makes music on the side. His paintings are inspired by the day to day dialogue with what he calls "The material realm". With that, Matthijs explores the duality of Ideas and the manifested form of ideas. Therefore, the paintings are meant to inherit as much suggestive information as possible, to act as honest cultural artifacts of this day and age.





ArtEZ takes part in ALL INN: a national graduation exhibition of 9 academies and 175 visual art students. From March 31 to April 3, a selection of the graduation work of the BEAR Fine Art in Arnhem Fine Art courses in Arnhem and Fine Art in Enschede  can be seen at  Het HEM  - subject to the corona measures then applicable.

Buitenexpositie passing by

AKI kunst uitvergroot in buitenexpositie. AKI art enlarged in an outdoor exhibition. Can be admired in Enschede until March 31, 2021.

Paleis Amsterdam

From 10 October to 31 December 2020, work by the nominees for the Royal Prize for Painting 2020, including Matthijs Jeuring, can be admired in the Palace in Amsterdam. Today the winners are known. What we read in het Parool is the following: "The star of the figurative range is Matthijs Jeuring. In Cat at Night and Mid-City Garden he shows the skeleton of a cat and a city garden with flowers as wads of toilet paper. He explains a veil of nightlight covering the suggestive play with pigment that makes you wonder whether you really see what you see. Jeuring would not have been out of place as the winner. "Read more about it in het Parool >>

Arwe Gallery

03.10.20 UNTIL 24.10.20 — OPENING 03.10.20
Arwe Gallery
Work by recent graduates from a variety of art schools in the Netherlands and abroad. An opportunity to sample young art, in which the current era is manifest. 

Here we are now

The book 'Here we are now' presents Matthijs Jeuring along with 4 other alumni of Dutch Artschools. The book is bi-langual (English and Dutch) and published by Arwe Gallery. The artists talk about their inspiration, starting points and artistic vision. This edition is for sale for € 10 in the Gallery.

Gelderlanderfabriek in Culemborg

4 september - 15 november 2020
Cats at night

Solo exhibition at the gelderlanderfabriek in Culemborg.

Smart Distance Lab

28, 29, 30 August 2020
Smart Distance Lab gives room to specially selected graduates who have seen their final presentation by Covid19 canceled. On friday the 28th, saturday th 29th and sunday the 30th august in the Kromhouthal in Amsterdam, they will still be given a stage to present their graduation project. Matthijs Jeuring is one of the 28 selected most promising graduates of 2020. 

Koninklijke Prijs voor Vrije Schilderkunst 2020

Matthijs Jeuring is participating in the competition for Royal Award for Modern Painting 2020 (Koninklijke Prijs voor Vrije Schilderkunst 2020) with the paintings Kat and Mid-City Garden and Life in Containment

Aki Finals 2020

From monday June 22 till July 5th.
Work is seen in the Mupi route in Enschede.